4 Tips for Transformative Bible Reading

I know that I should be reading my Bible, but...

The excuses never run out. We have all made them. “I’m so busy.” “I don’t have a place to get away to read.” “I’m struggling to connect with the text.” Sometimes life gets so chaotic we just don’t feel like we can give Scripture the attention it deserves. Sometimes we get complacent in our Bible reading and just do not have the desire to read. Many take this time to peruse the endless options for daily devotionals that pre-package ideas and encouragements for the believer “on the go”. While these can certainly whet our appetite for the Word, they do not always provide spiritual “meat” meant to sustain and strengthen the believer. If you have found your routine to be lacking, or what you take from your time in the Word to be less than life-changing, here are four tips that can help you re-invigorate your time spent in the living and active Word of God.
Read for Consumption
Reading the Bible more than once a day creates a habit of looking to Scripture for information and ideas. This helps the reader to build a more informed view of Scripture, moving away from simple devotion-based reading. Daily devotional reading is good, but consumption of the Word throughout the day helps us to integrate its truth in every situation. Bible apps like YouVersion make this task easily achievable.
Read for Clarity
When approaching a passage that is unclear, use tools available to gain clarity before moving forward. There are great free commentaries available on digital platforms. Reading for clarity helps to avoid the creation of poor doctrine and ideas. The Enduring Word Bible Commentary from David Guzik is a great, balanced, and free resource online with a free phone app as well.
Read for Insight
 Don’t be satisfied with simply knowing the Word. Learn how to apply it to your life and the lives of others. Memorization of Scripture is important but the application of biblical principles is transformative. Read a passage, explore its context, and ask, “What was this calling the original audience to and how does this apply to me today?” Commentaries and study Bibles like the CSB Study Bible make this type of exploration easily accessible to the believer. 
Read for Satisfaction
Jesus is famously quoted in Matthew 4:4 stating, “Man must not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” In a culture that consumes media exponentially more than generations past, we must turn our attention to God’s Word and be satisfied with it. The bread of the world is filled with empty calories. The believer must practice finding satisfaction in the Word of God if they are to be well-fed and equipped to live as children of light in Christ. Reading Scripture while fasting is a common practice amongst believers today. When a physical meal is replaced with a spiritual one from the Word, we reprioritize our lives around the truth of Scripture. You can find more resources on fasting HERE.

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