Northside Christian Academy (NCA) is an established, well-respected elementary and secondary school
offering strong academic instruction in a Christ-centered atmosphere.  Our goal is to equip students for
the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities of life by helping them reach their highest potential and productivity.

We are unapologetically Christian, and everything we do is guided by the Bible and Biblical principles.  
As a Christian school, we have two spiritual goals for all of our students.  First, that each student has a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ and second, that the character of Jesus Christ be formed within our students.

The development of a Biblical worldview is critical to students entering a secular world permeated with moral relativism.
Bible study is an integral part of NCA's curriculum, augmenting the study of English, history, geography, math and science.

For more information about NCA, please call 903-693-7700 or visit us at: