40 Days For Life

February 26 - April 5
NCC Prayer Partners - Please make prayer for the unborn and their mothers a part of your prayer time each day thru this 40 day season of prayer. Here are some PrayerPoints for you to include:
1) Pray for unborn children who are at risk of dying by abortion, that their mothers, fathers and families will embrace them as fully human from the moment of conception and will protect them.
2) Pray for women who are considering abortion, that they will have the support and the courage they need to choose life for their babies.
3) Pray that fathers will provide emotional, spiritual and material support for the mothers of their children and will not pressure them to have abortions. Pray that they will love and nurture their children and teach them to value the lives of all.
4) Pray that families and churches will model, teach and promote abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage.
5) Pray that families will have a loving response when unexpected pregnancies occur. That they will appropriately grieve losses and disruptions to their plans for their children without pressuring them to have abortions and will help them make realistic plans for parenthood or adoption.
6) Pray that people who work in abortion facilities and those who promote abortion will recognize they are wrong to think they are helping women and that they will turn from facilitating death to promoting life. Pray that they will seek forgiveness and healing in Christ.
7) Pray that Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC's) will have abundant resources and volunteer support so that they may provide all the support and encouragement mothers need to choose life for their children and to meet the challenges of motherhood.
8) Pray that those who serve in PRC's, maternity homes, abortion recovery ministries and sidewalk prayer and advocacy will not become weary and discouraged, but that the joy of the Lord will be their strength and they will overflow with God's love and grace.
9) Pray that those who are suffering as a result of abortion will receive loving support and encouragement to come to Christ for forgiveness, healing and hope.
10) Pray that our governments and courts will be guided by godly wisdom and that pro-life initiatives will receive favor.
11) Pray that God will bring our country (and the world) to true repentance and bring an end to abortion.

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